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is Kristin Scholz

Kristin Scholz is a visual artist working predominantly in paint and fiber. Coming of age in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Kristin was interested in nature, mythological creatures, and her inner world. Her eventual artistic endeavors, collectively bold and graphic in nature, would be informed by the cathartic musical influence of punk and riot grrl, as well as the skate and street art subcultures of her youth. Kristin later attended MICA in Baltimore where she was awarded her BFA in Illustration in 2005.

Kristin’s current work incorporates the vibrancy and geometries of psychedelia with a hypnotic attention to detail. In her precise and colorful artworks, she explores subject matter that is dark, obscure, and mysterious, often in media reserved for softer, more domestic themes. Her art creates a personal mythology, crafting a narrative populated by familiar occult sigils and beings woven with personal reflection and experience.

She currently lives in Philadelphia. 

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